Breastfeeding in Carrier 101 – All Your Questions Answered

If you are a babywearing lover like we are here, you might wonder Can you breastfeed in a carrier? We get a lot of these questions so we decided to write this article to try to answer the most common ones. We’ll also share some baby carrier breastfeeding tips for all the worried mammas out there in hopes of helping them care for and bond with their new little bundle of joy in the safest way possible.

So, if you are one of them, scroll on down – we’re pretty sure we’ve answered at least most of your questions.

What Is Carrier Nursing?

Carrier nursing is a form of skin-to-skin maternal bonding.

Basically – it’s when you nurse your baby out of the baby carrier or baby wrap. For the most part, it’s a practical solution, a way to go about your almost completely hands-free and feed your baby easily even when outside. You’ll be able to do other things at the same time, like running errands or taking care of your other children.

But nursing from a carrier has so many benefits besides that. It’s one of the best ways to bond with your baby as you are keeping it close to you and breastfeeding when needed.

Can You Breastfeed While Baby Is in the Carrier?

Yes, you can – you can literally nurse your baby while it is in the baby carrier. If the baby is still small enough and the baby’s head can access your breast height, go for it! But keep in mind that if they’re too young or too distracted by where they are to focus on feeding, it’s probably best for them not to eat yet. Remember – safety is the No.1 priority when nursing baby in a baby carrier!

How Do You Breastfeed in a Baby Carrier?

Breastfeeding in a carrier is an acquired skill and it will take some time and patience before you’re able to nurse comfortably. Proper position of your baby’s face and body is crucial when breastfeeding in a carrier.

Before you’re able to do it like a pro that you are, you’ll need to get a hang of proper positioning when babywearing, too, and some other things, as well. You’ll need to wear the right shirt, too! So, here are our top tips for breastfeeding in a carrier.

Learn the Ropes of Babywearing and Breastfeeding First

Before you start to combine the two – learn the ropes of babywearing and breastfeeding independently. Practice and adopt a proper position of your and your baby’s body in a carrier and the right breastfeeding techniques. When you feel confident enough in both, you and your newborn can turn to breastfeeding in carriers.

Practice Works Best When Babies Are Calm

Don’t wait for your child to be hungry to start practicing. Little ones are moody when hungry and it’s harder for them to be calm enough or adopt a new position. Instead, start practicing when your child is relaxed and you’re sitting in the safety and comfort of your home. 

Choose a Stretchy Wrap Carrier and Top

Breastfeeding in a baby carrier is easiest and most comfortable when you are wearing a stretchy nursing top or shirt of soft fabric. It will be easiest for you to loosen it a bit and give your child easy access to your breast. It’s also easiest to do in a ring sling or a woven wrap that you can loosen so you can lean forward and your baby can latch. Knowing exactly what to wear will make everything easier.

Take an Upright Position and Support Your Breast

Assume an upright position – it’s much more comfortable than a cradle position and it works better with various carriers, even those with shoulder straps. Loosen the woven wrap, ring sling, or loosen shoulder straps, and lower the baby’s head to the nipple level. Support your breast with one hand so your baby has a good latch. You can also roll a towel under your breast for support while feeding your newborn.

Leaning Forward Is a Game Changer

Whether you’re wearing a ring sling, wrap carrier, or other carriers – you are limited in space when you are feeding your baby in a carrier. So, when you loosen your shirt of soft fabric and the sling – lean forward to your baby to maximize the space. Support the baby’s neck with one hand and support your breast with the opposite shoulder. If you lean forward a bit when you feed your child, it will be much easier for you and your baby.

Figure Out if You’ll Need a Nursing Cover

Another thing that’s worth mentioning in regards to nursing is the nursing cover. Some women feel more comfortable wearing a nursing cover while they nurse. Others feel free to feed their baby without wearing one anytime, anywhere. While we are firm believers that babies choose the time and place and there’s no shame in breastfeeding, we understand while some women prefer to be covered while they nurse.

It is something you will have to see for yourself by trying it out and it is your decision. However, you should know that you might not even need a nursing cover as your baby’s head and the baby wrap will do the job for you! So, one of our tips would be to just see what works for you and your baby and which way you are more comfortable.

Safety Always Comes First!

And last but certainly not least as it is one of the most important tips and things – safety comes first when you nurse. When you’re nursing in a carrier, you should always pay attention to your baby’s nose and the baby’s airway – it should NEVER be blocked. The baby should always be able to breathe and you should always see its head in a baby wrap. Also, the baby’s chin shouldn’t fall down on its torse as this could also lead to a blocked airway when babies are in baby carriers.

What Baby Carrier Is Best for Breastfeeding?

I guess this depends on who you ask. Deferent moms prefer different baby carriers for nursing. But there are some general favorites – on one side, there’s the famous baby carrier Baby K’tan. Many moms believe Baby K’tan is the best choice for nursing as it can also be used as a sling and it offers good support.

Others believe that nothing beats the good old Ergo, whether it comes to nursing or babywearing. Our advice to you is to check out the tips online about various baby carriers, go try the chosen favorites, and choose the one that you and your baby are most comfortable in.

Can You Breastfeed With Baby Bjorn Carrier?

Yes! A lot of us are very familiar with the Baby Bjorn baby carrier that has been around for years and is a beloved staple in many nurseries across America. It’s also quite popular among parents who are exclusively breastfeeding their babies instead of using formula because you’re able to keep up with your little one while still being hands-free!

Can you nurse in an Ergobaby?

It depends on the style of Ergobaby carrier you have – you can nurse in a carrier with a fixed waistband by pulling the crotch up close to the baby’s belly. When using carriers with adjustable buckles, it is easier because the waistband size can be adjusted to create more space for nursing.

Can you nurse in an Ergobaby 360?

Yes!. Ergobaby is a stylish baby carrier that was actually designed to make nursing easier – it is the only carrier on the market, for instance, with a feature dubbed “The Nipple Wing” which can be moved so as to provide perfect freedom-of-movement and access without any distractions or discomfort when breastfeeding. And this baby carrier also adjusts to your baby’s weight and size which is one of its main benefits!

What’s the Difference Between the Ergo and Ergo 360?

The Ergobaby 360 offers the forward-facing position, which is useful for parents who want to get more use out of their baby carrier. Both carriers adapt to grow with your baby over time and offer different features that will appeal differently depending on individual needs. The Adapt has a lighter material than the Ergobaby but lacks some other weightlifting positions compared to its bulkier competitor; while also being cheaper in price tag!

What Age Can You Use Ergo?

When it comes to when you can start using this baby carrier the answer is simple. The Ergobaby carrier can hold babies from 12 to 45 pounds. It supports 7-12 lbs with the use of an infant insert, which is sold separately. Before buying any baby carrier – go to the store to see how you and your baby will like it.

The Takeaway on Breastfeeding in Carriers

To conclude – nursing is absolutely possible in carriers. All you need to do is choose the right one and have some time and patience. And, before you know it – your baby will be so comfortable that it will fall asleep after breastfeeding! We hope we’ve helped and wish you the best of luck!

Have we missed something? Is there something you would like to add? Maybe you have a question about breastfeeding in carriers that we haven’t answered. In any case, let us know down below, and thanks for reading!