Baby Travel Tips – Practical Tips for the First Baby Travel Bag

As a new mom, you probably aren’t totally aware of all things needed to be in the very first baby travel bag.

Even if you already traveled with your baby, you will always need a look-up at the list of must-have essentials in a baby travel bag. Especially since there are always new rules about sanitation, air travel, or legal baby equipment. 

Don’t panic, preparing a baby’s first travel bag is easy if you focus fully on making a long to-do list.

Also, you have the chance to test your baby’s first travel list and improve it for a new trip or to just be confident after reading this blog, because you made a perfect one. If you prepare you and your baby for every occasion, the first time traveling with the baby could be a blast. 

Before starting to check things on the list, you should know that most doctors recommend avoiding unnecessary flying with a baby (particularly by air).

The baby’s immune system is still developing and if you decide to air travel you should be aware of the weather, climate, possible allergies, and everything that can make a huge difference in the baby’s home time. 

But mama knows the best. So don’t feel discouraged if flying with a baby, and just feel that you and your little one are prepared for such.


If you choose flying, be sure to reserve an empty seat for the baby – do not hold a baby in your arms (even if some airlines allowed traveling with a toddler in your lap). An airplane seat belt can protect your baby, and when the baby has its own seat, it can nap on its back because of the seat extensions.

Your baby will be the safest if sits in its own seat.

It is also important to check with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which baby car seats are approved for use on airplanes. Also, check which airplane harness devices are approved for your child’s age. 

The safest move before buying a plane ticket is to check on the FFA website about the right type of car seats, liquid rules, and talk with a pediatrician before you choose a travel destination. 

Also, prepare bottles with baby formula in separate sections, because at the airport you will be asked to scan them separately. When flying with a baby, keep baby bottles close to the airplane seat, because the little flight attendant next to you might need them right away.

According to TSA’s 3.4 ounces rule for liquids – formula and breast milk that you take on board in carry on bag are allowed in the recommended amount, along with the juice. 

So, always include this extra time for airport security measures in your travel schedule. Simply just come to the airport early.


The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends avoiding air travel with a very young infants and recommends new parents visit the nearest locations. The USA is filled with beautiful natural monuments, and tourist locations waiting for you to visit them. 

San Diego is made for toddlers. Between playing on Mission Beach, hiking in nearby Torrey Pines Natural Reserve, and visiting the San Diego Zoo & Safari Park you will easily fulfill your trip. If you are blessed with a newborn you should nest right along the emerald coast of Destin, Florida, or if flying with a baby you can even enjoy peaceful Honolulu in Hawaii. 


The first and ultimate advice for all mama bears out there is – Try to make a list of things when you are still packing and always have in a mind a travel destination where you going. Also, try to arrange things according to the road plan. 

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

For example outfits, food, and equipment for the first day, for the second, and so on. Of course, you can’t plan the weather, but even if changes you will be better prepared with a day-to-day plan. 

Also, find information about a travel destination, and the surroundings of the hotel as much as you can, and based on that info make baby’s first travel list. Plus, if you do this good you can use this list for every trip in the future. 

Inform as much as you can about legal policies and grocery shopping around the accommodation. Beware relying only on valid sources of information such as government websites and of course always turn on your mama bear intuition. 

So let’s see what that perfect first baby travel bag has to offer. 


This blog should be called Tips for baby’s first suitcase. When you see the size of the diaper bags in shops you will soon figure out that there is a very good reason to just bring the whole house with you. 

But a detailed to-do list should be enough for the baby’s first trip. 

There are a lot of diaper shoulder bags available, but this year’s trend is to choose a backpack for the diapers. 

With a diaper backpack, you can have all baby’s necessary equipment close to you. Just need to place baby gear in the right pockets and of course, remember where you put those things. 

New parents are talking about this trend for a while now. They say that is so much easier to be organized, and to act fast, which is certainly not the case when using the bottomless diaper shoulder bag. 

Look around you and you will see a lot of parents with backpacks – those are all filled with diapers. The core benefit of diaper backpacks is that they are made for overstuffing as well, and for parents’ routine. 

Backpacks are new-age diaper bags and come very handy with a baby suitcase. 


A diaper bag is like a bottomless hole, but if it’s well packed – it can literally save lives.

So like we mentioned before always pack things in the order in which you are going to use them. First, pack your baby for the road: car toys, car seat, baby blanket, pillow for your back, water, baby books, and loads of patience.

In case you get stuck in traffic or your flight has been canceled, always bring diapers for two days and nights plus lots of wipes.

If it is a long flight – neck pillows always take longer nap time.

When it comes to diaper cream there are more rules for air travelers. If you flying you can only bring 3.4 ounces of diaper cream. Also, Saudi Arabia banned cough syrups. They treat them as narcotics, and you can be arrested right at the airport for carrying them. 

You know how your little one loves the security of momma’s hug, so always bring extra clothes for both of you. Bring extra plastic bags for soiled clothes if the baby spits on you, or something even worse.

Two bottles should be enough, and every bag for diapers should have a changing pad plus two or even three pacifiers (if your baby uses one).


Huge advice is to bring extra zip lock bags. You can store snacks there, food, or bibs. Also, if you breastfeeding bring an extra blanket, that you can use as burp cloths to cover yourself.

When it comes to baby food, bring also everything for the full day or so. For each meal bring two small jars of baby food and snacks for you. Always bring baby formula if you use it (If you travel with airplane – be aware of the before-mentioned rule for liquids). 

Last but not least – baby medicine. In this blog, we dedicated the whole section to this important part of baby packing, so just keep reading we will get there. 

In the front pocket of the diaper backpack put extra antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer. 

Since we are checking every little thing in this baby bag list, we’re gonna remind you of the obvious things too. 

So, make sure to do not forget a whole lotta trouble cellphone and cellphone chargers. Also, babies fly free internationally, so keep yours and baby’s passport, birth certificate and PSR tests or Certificates of complete vaccination in a special waterproof bag.


Before you start packing a suitcase just for diapers, hold on. First check on the internet nearest grocery shops and where near the resort you can find diapers. 

Don’t panic – every country has diapers. If you are using cotton baby diapers, bring all of them and check before the trip if the hotel offers laundry services. 

The best tip other is to separate each person’s things in a different suitcase or with packing cubes. Investing in the children’s luggage will make traveling with kids more practical. If you travel with toddlers also, you will be amazed how their own suitcase can bring a sense of responsibility to them. You can find it on Amazon for 20$ and higher. 

Also, everyone should have their own toiletry bag. In that way, you can also assure to not forget anyone’s toothbrush or such.

Think bout evening walks also. Bring a stroller and car seat. Mama bears are also advising you to bring a car seat even if you’re not traveling by car. Who knows maybe you will feel like renting a car.


Pack baby spa kit in one separate bag. Bring two small bottles of everything, so if you lose one or spill you can have a spare. Especially if your baby uses special skincare products.

AAP recommends bringing the right mosquito protection in countries where mosquito-borne diseases are present. 

If you’ll be away more than a week don’t forget Infant nail clippers or a nail file. 


Baby care essentials: Baby wash lotion, baby body lotion, baby powder and sunscreen.

Babies younger than 12 months should be out of the sun – as much as they can. 

Again, if you are going on a cruise or tropical destination bring a wide-brimmed hat that covers the back of the neck, and clothing to protect your child’s skin. The sunscreen factor should be always 30 or higher! 

It is really important to be careful and to buy sunscreen for babies and not apply sunscreen lip balm to a baby under 6 months old.

According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, you should use a sunscreen that says “broad-spectrum” on the label; that means it will screen out both UVB and UVA rays. Make sure to apply sunscreen for 30 minutes or so, before going out.  

AAP also reminds us to use sunscreen on small areas of the body for babies under 6 months old. But first try with protective clothing and shade are not available. 


First things first you should always bring the baby’s first-aid kit in an easy to carry, durable, and waterproof bag. If you are buying a new one, find a lockable bag so kids don’t play with it, especially since you can’t hide a bag that you may need in urgent times. 

Every baby first aid kit should also include:

Loads of different types of bandages + small scissors as well as sterile gauze dressings. An antibiotic ointment and antiseptic spray for minor cuts and burns, and calamine lotion to treat rashes.

Bring gas drops for stomach cramps and keep close a pediatrician’s number.

Also, include Infant acetaminophen or ibuprofen (depending on the baby’s age), a thermometer, and if the baby is allergic to something – bring Allergy medications close with you. 

If you travel to a tropic destination do not go without outlet covers for babyproofing.


Vacuum seal bags are lifesavers when it comes to long trips. If you want to bring 12 baby bathing suits, you can. Also, you can organize and pack clothes for yourself too. 

The best advice is to do the laundry before the trip. In that way, you can see what are your choices and you can easer to visualize all outfits for each day. 

Consider as many outfits as you can. Bring socks, booties, or shoes; pack two outfits for each day you’ll be away, plus two extra ones. 

Also, fold everything! 

When packing a suitcase, put your shoes first and fold everything that you can. Plus it is very handy to pack d toiletry bag, so you can shower as soon as you arrive. 

Ultimate mama bear advice: bring resealable bags in different sizes to store soiled baby clothes.


If you go on a cruise ship or to a large resort be aware of sanitation rules. Babies mostly can’t use any pool on cruising ships or in resorts, because of the potential danger of bacteria, and allergies which can damage their fragile immune system. 

But there is always something you can do if you plan right. Bring a little baby inflatable pool so your little one can rest from the heat as well. 

Also in baby equipment, you should always consider lots of toys and baby carrier.  

Extra baby toys for baby to play with while sitting in a car seat. All kinds of car games, board games, and such. If you travel with a baby and toddler, don’t forget to bring toys for your lovely older kids too. You know how they can be jelly of their little sibling. 

If there is anything on travel that you can hope for – is that baby sleeps often. So, make sure you find the right type of travel crib. The most important is that the travel crib has the feature – lock into position. 

You can always ask the hotel you are staying in for a crib but there is always possible that the hotel crib is in bad condition, worn out, or broken. See, for the safety of your little ones, you should always think in advance. 

Beware of Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) safe sleeping guidelines

Ultimate mama bear advice: Bring a baby monitor!


Important notice is to leave room in the baby diaper bag and suitcase, and for all the possible groceries that you are planning to buy while you are on the trip. 

The best plan is to ask, research, and Google where you can buy fresh groceries “there” if you need them. Call the accommodation to check if they have a mini-fridge, maybe a cot, baby feeder, or hairdryer. 

The baby suitcase must include a breast pump plus storage for milk, or formula if you use it, plus extra bottles. 

A portable cooler and ice packs also come needy, as well as a baby spoon, fork, and bowl.

Dear mamas… 

When momma is happy baby is happy too, so always remember to think about yourself also. 

Also, don’t forget about your partner. The most common mom thing is to forget clothes or essential things for parents needs too.

Put a smile on your face, even if you are worried. After all, you are a brave mom for choosing to travel with your young child. So believe in yourself, you got this. 

In the packing process don’t listen to anybody’s envy comments or panic warnings. Talk with the baby’s pediatrician and be just the mamma bear that you are used to being while you are safe in your home nest. 

Also, bring that momma energy and remember to your baby – you are the only safe place it knows about. And remember traveling is the most beautiful thing, which brings your family even closer and gives you some new energy. 

Relax, because then you are the best!

Happy travels!